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LondonHomeless.org is a not for profit website specialising in providing help, information and resources to homeless people in London. This website is an independent endevour and is not associated with any homeless charities, churches or other organisations at present. Launching in July 2016 this website aims to fill the gap in information that is currently out there on the web and aims to provide invaluable tips and insights that can only come from somebody who has lived the homeless and extreme lifestyle.

The founder and owner of this website has been homeless himself for a number of years so has invaluable experience in living in such extreme situations. This website is primarily aimed at homeless people, as a homeless persons resource especially if you are in the London area, but could be just as easily used by somebody that is homeless anywhere else in the UK or anywhere else around the world. Homelessness is homelessness……..wherever you are.

It is also designed to be viewed by people that lead a normal life, have a home and a job, and to raise awareness to such people on what it is like to actually live on the streets of London, not knowing where your next meal is coming from and not knowing where you will be sleeping on a daily basis. What most people are unaware of is we are ALL just one step away from being homeless. This sort of lifestyle takes its toll on people who live this way with the winter being the harshest. The average life expectancy of a housed UK individual is 81, the average life expectancy of someone that is homeless and lives on the streets is 47. A similar life expectancy was the norm back in Dickensian times. Maybe it will inspire such people to provide just a couple of hours of their time in volunteer work or at least just say “Good Morning” to somebody that is living in dire circumstances instead of walking past pretending not to see the problem.

Government initiatives to tackle homelessness have had some impact but the numbers still seem to be on the increase and this is particularly worrying in these high technology modern times in 2016. Sometimes it appears the problem has been solved in a particular area, but on closer inspection the problem has merely been moved somewhere else. There are various forms of help in London and around the country in the form of Homeless Charities and Churches amongst other organisations such as The Big Issue and the Hare Krishnas and Soup Kitchens that can provide food, a lot of have waiting lists, but they can only provide limited help and you will still be on the streets during most of the day, vulnerable, exposed to the elements and counting the hours till you get back to the night shelter in whichever form that takes.

This websites aim is to help those who have found themselves in a homeless situation and enable that person to cope with life on the streets and dealing with the psychology of it, because no matter what help you receive it will take time to get back into a housed situation again. Some homeless people actually prefer to live this way rather than being a wage slave and seeing more than 50% of your income go on what amounts to a small space to rest your head.

Homelessness particularly in London doesnt look set to be ending anytime soon, in the meantime this website aims to make life on the streets as bearable as possible and also kept to as short a time frame as can be managed.

Londono Homeless: Helping the Homeless to help themselves